Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties : Sound Off

Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties

by Frustrated Freedom Fighters on 08/05/13

Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties

 August 2, 2013

 Congresswoman Susan Brooks

 1505 Longworth House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515

 Dear Congresswoman Brooks,

 The Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties is a consortium of twenty-five Tea Party leaders from the Central Indiana area. Our primary focus is to represent our constituency and their views. An issue that is of great concern to us is illegal immigration. To be clear, we believe that legal immigration is vital to the future success of the United States. The legislation that was passed out of the Senate, SB 744, is completely unacceptable. One of the primary elements of the bill, border security, is an inept attempt to stem the tide of illegal crossings. A possible solution might be as our brave service men and women begin to come back home, why not use those resources to reinforce our commitment to legal immigration. Technology and futile attempts with barbed wire will not send a message to those who have no respect for the United States and our laws. Only a physical display of our commitment to our laws will achieve our goals of arresting illegal immigration. Hundreds of millions of immigrants have come to America for more than two centuries. They followed and respected the laws that were created for legal immigration. We currently have a process that works. It just needs to be properly managed and supervised. The real injustice will be to those that came to America legally, by affording amnesty to those who came here illegally. Congresswoman Brooks, we respectfully ask that you NOT vote or propose anything that resembles amnesty. A line must be drawn in the sand at some point. That point in American history is now. Additionally, we cordially invite you to meet with our Coalition. Your staff may contact me at the following email address: Most Sincerely,

 Joseph L. Crannell Representative,

Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties

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1. Kay Bentley said on 8/6/13 - 07:51AM
Excellent letter to Rep. Brooks. Only time will tell if Ms. Brooks is on your (our) side of the fence.

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